As gamers ourselves, we love our industry and are dedicated to supporting founders building the next generation of esports and video gaming startups.


Josh Chapman

Co-FOUNDER & Managing partner

Josh most recently worked for Morgan Stanley in their institutional equity division, where he covered the world's top hedge funds and sold over $5 billion in IPOs for companies like Alibaba, LendingClub, GrubHub, Etsy, Shopify and more. Josh first fell in love with gaming with Age of Empires & Civilization. Josh grew up moving around the world primarily in Africa and South America.

Josh holds a B.A. from Wheaton College.



Jason Chapman

Co-FOUNDER & Managing partner

Jason most recently worked as an artificial intelligence software engineer at IBM Watson. Jason’s passion for video games first developed with Age of Empires & Half Life. He also grew up moving around the world primarily in Africa and South America.

Jason holds a B.A. from Wheaton College.



Jackson Vaughan

Co-FOUNDER & Managing partner

Jackson focuses on startup technology and directs our internal deal management platform. Prior to Konvoy, he worked as a software engineer and technical consultant at IBM Watson, building AI solutions for fortune 500 companies. He’s passionate about tech and building companies that can scale. The first company he started (with Jason) was a paintball field and team in Maputo, Mozambique during his high school years. As the son of a foreign aid worker, Jackson also grew up around the world.

Jackson holds a B.S. in Economics and Global Business from New York University | Stern.



Taylor Hurst


Taylor analyses startup companies and works with founders; he also researches the industry and publishes findings on our blog. While in college, Taylor co-founded the EdTech startup Classroom. After college he was a portfolio manager at Calvert Wealth Management that managed $100M before moving into a VC role at Rockies Venture Club with the Venture Capital Analytics team.

Taylor holds a B.S. in Economics from Arizona State University.